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Contact Info

Enlighten Audio Video


Phone: +1 914-337-7331
Fax:     +1 914-337-7331

Email: enlightenav@verizon.net


Or use our contact form.

Business Hours:

M - F  9 AM to 6 PM Sat by appointment


Heos by Denon are the latest WIFi speakers that we have. Incredible sound from these speakers.

Packages with Martin Login speakers and Yamaha or Marantz receivers call for pricing.

Polk Audio speakers available.

Get Connected with Us.

Todays Projector systems are as bright and sharp as an LCD only much larger

Black Diamond is a multi-directional ambient light rejecting screen making the video appear much brighter and sharper

Two -  piece 3D projection systems with 92 inch fixed screen starting at $7500. 90 inch LCD TV are over $8800.

Screen size up to 144 inches available.

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