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Heos by Denon are the latest WIFi speakers that we have. Incredible sound from these speakers.

Packages with Martin Login speakers and Yamaha or Marantz receivers call for pricing.

Polk Audio speakers available.

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Polk Audio LSiM 703 book shelf speakers in Mount Vernon Cherry. These not only sound incredable and look like a fine piece of furnature.


Sonos Connect with Sonawall speakers New $1200 (Your eyes will not believe your ears) This is an incredible sounding system.


The latest Marantz receivers are now available 

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How to choose the right speaker

There are many reasons for choosing one speaker system over another such as physical looks, price, frequency response, power handling, and what should be the most important: performance.

If you are not an audio engineer or a professional musician, you will most likely not be aware of all of the variables involved in speaker design. Even listening to speakers in a store may convince you that one pair sounds incredible compared to another. The acoustics of the room affects the sound and will not be the same as in your room. In the ideal room a speaker that reproduces the greatest frequency range with the least amount of power is usually your best speaker. To be more specific, a good quality speaker should have a sensitivity ranging between 84 and 90 db. The higher the number the louder the speaker will play with less power from the amplifier.

Buyer beware if the speaker manufacturer does not provide the frequency response and sensitivity of their equipment. What are they hiding? You are most likely not getting a great sounding speaker!


Audio equipment professionals will ask your preference in terms of music and the size of the room the speakers will be placed in. This is just a starting point in determining which is the best speaker for you.

If you have the budget for very high end audio equipment there are a lot of manufacturers that will meet your needs, but you will save yourself time and money by dealing with a professional that will be able to explain why one pair of speakers is better for you than another.

When your budget is smaller but you still are still looking for quality sound, it pays to deal with a professional who can advise you on the best sounding equipment within your budget.


The bottom line is, the speakers when played in your room with your music should sound as close to a live performance as possible. If you close your eyes you should be able to imagine where the instruments playing, are located in the room.


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